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From the Watchtower 2020 - 2021 Between 29.03.20 and 25.09.21, during the COVID-19 lockdown, I produced three hundred and fifty self-portraits made with flatbed scanners using the natural light instead of the LEDs from the scanner’s head. As the images are created outside the controlled environment of the scanner’s body, its sensors are forced to ‘interpret’ what they were not made to compute, generating abstracted images instead of photo realistic renderings. Each image represents the brightest moment of that day and takes the date of production as its title. The series is titled From the Watchtower, a nod to the song All Along the Watchtower, written by Bob Dylan during the eighteen months he spent recovering from a motorcycle accident in his home in Woodstock between 1966 and 1967. The song plays with the idea of circular time in it’s arrangement as well as in its music.

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