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Onda / Opáco 2017 These were created as visualisations of the constant longing experienced by those who live away from their ‘mother land’–across the ocean. A love letter to the city of Rio de Janeiro and a distant lover. The two pieces were expressions of my frame of mind, they chronicle the time between their conception until their exhibition. Entering the gallery space you are met with a five meter long translucent sheet of polythene that oscillate according to the air draft. The undulating movement is both visual and audible as the thin plastic material rustles in winding rhythm: at times calm and constant hovering above ground; at other times swelling large breaking suddenly and sweeping the floor in retreat, only to gain momentum again. In front of the wave lays a square water mirror. Inside it, a clear vinyl sheet containing salt water sits atop a landscape of coal lumps. At specific points the clear vinyl is raised above the water by copper structures forming a small archipelago, much like the group of islands that adorn the horizon seen from Ipanema beach. Overhead, a diffuser shelters the piece from the harsh overhanging lights. Exhibited together the two become complimentary pieces where Onda provides the sound for the landscape in Opaco.

Onda 2017 - polythene, controlled air current 5 x 4 m
Opaco/Onda 2017 - aluminium, water, coal, copper, PVC, light diffuser, straps 3 x 3 m / polythene, controlled air current 5 x 4 m
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